India wants a stranger

India wants a stranger, a full-proof outsider who is ignorant of all the constitutional complexities and legal laxities but at the same time vivacious enough to repel the negatives and bring in the positive vibe in the socio-political ring. Too many over-rated fighters battling among themselves to see the crown sitting on top of their heads, India needs a leader.

The country needs a teacher who has every right to scold the whining students and punish a truant child. She needs a teacher who can imbibe in pupils the not-so-pedantic values but simple ideas about attaining goodness. No compulsion to go through rigorous examination every year and waste time in pulling fellow students down just to emerge winner. Let the skill and talent win over other factors and leave no space for last minute manipulation by the lesser lot.

India invites a soldier who fights for right and not for the side, who takes care of his family’s welfare. The country will gain back the missing pieces of peace only if the gunman knows how to use his weapons with discretion. She is in dire need of a virtuoso who knows the world better and is driven by first-hand ideas.

Our motherland needs an interpreter – a middle-aged interpreter who has learnt all the dialects in the world. Half-truths, convoluted phrases and equivocal speeches must witness a painful death under his dictatorship. He will make sure they return to the dust safely. The nation wants a translator who knows exactly what the others mean, neither an inch more nor an inch less.

A doctor is a must for this frail health of the country, bogged down with too many ills. A sensitive practitioner must be in-charge of helping the country recuperate and not to bring out his theory book and prescribe a long list of pathological tests. It’s a doctor’s religion to diagnose the malady and treat it with the medicine that is in best of his knowledge. The patient must not die of wait. Remember, justice delayed is a ripping-apart pain.

It always helps to have an engineer on board. To say building India is a Herculean task is an understatement. We beckon the architect of tomorrow at our service, who is well aware about how past has gnawed upon us. Our foundation has been shaken time and again and this time we want to ensure that we will never see our dreams turning to rubble due to a mere intensity of 2.3 on the Richter scale. Make us shock absorbers.

This is a time when we find hundreds of piranhas nibbling off India’s skin and we see our nirvana in combating this gradual dissipation.


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