V-Day: A global movement

Millions of proposals made, billions of roses plucked, hearts broken, negotiations with the past bruises made and all these in a span of few hours. Valentine’s Day is perhaps the only movement in the world that brings global change of such great magnitude. As I sit alone in front of a sufficiently opened window I wonder what is it that pulls in people across the world to celebrate this day. May be the addiction of coming together with the opposite sex, or may be the age-old habit to flaunt a well-earned relationship.

Pretty looking girls in their best attire and handsome hunks carefully dressed to suit the occasion. And what is the occasion? Don’t you know today is Valentine’s Day.  It is the day when we run into each other and pour out our emotions, it is the day when we find ourselves giggling despite hundreds of woes waiting in the backyard and this is that very auspicious day when we gain that extra wing of chivalry to woo our lady love.

Dark chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, Jovan White Musk, Fahrenheit, tapping heels, little blush and never-ceasing stares – all the elements of a pot-boiling evening with your desired ones. Tiresome long wait for your partner’s arrival, sense of disgust at the spiralling traffic and compromise over the choice of delicacies to be served during the dinner do take away the apparent charm of the ceremony.

Wait. It does not end here. Tables are set, candles are lit, discussions are embarked upon and lies are being told. Promises are made and promiscuity hinted. Time sounds alert – tomorrow is Monday. Selected words exchanged, food gulped in a hurry and the diamond finds a new owner. Nothing else changes. The world revolves the same, the stories are spun in the same manner, hearts remain insatiate as they used to and what passes away in the midst of all these is few hours, some flowers, loads of gifts and endless release of dopamine into the brain.  Happiness catches you unaware and little stupid talks here and there. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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