Delhi: Long and the Short of it

After a lot of deliberations I decided to start with the obvious. Delhi is fun to be with. The city can be dicey but only if you are not living ‘with’ it. Looking at Delhi as an onlooker will give you a parochial view. It doesn’t work. Board an overcrowded metro, try ‘Rajesh ki Mashoor Shikanji’, gorge into plump ‘aloo ke parathe’ and allow yourself the luxury of ‘Chhole Kulche’.

Most people here barter hygiene for taste. It goes well with them.

Never question things. Why does the bus conductor sit pretty in his cozy seat and passengers fight for space? Why are full-grown men reluctant to leave the seats reserved for women? Why do people take over-sized yawns with their hands nowhere near to their gaping mouth? Forget all these and you will be forgiven.

Sutta is always sutta because fag is a term reserved for the Elitists. Recklessness runs in the family of drivers and don’t blame the septaugenarian CM for this.

If colored routes in Delhi Metro confuse you, ask the guy standing next to you. His situation is not any better because woh bhi ‘naya aaya hain’. Console yourself for things you can’t get hold of. Give Time a chance.

If the nation rues Fiscal deficit, the capital is home to trust deficit. Mutual distrust goes a long way giving birth to fear in residents’ mind. One factor that makes Delhi a ‘must-explore’ metropolis is its ability to remain a stranger to the majority.

The city throws surprises at you and watches your reaction. It is a homeland for strangers – living life all by themselves. The city of nagars, vihars and flurry of flyovers has very little space to accommodate your inflated sentiments. Your reticence is replaced by a forced pushiness and you lease a razor sharp self.

I like the way how people address miscreants as ‘Kalaakars’ and have fair amount of disregard for those who jostle to get in and get out of metro.

If lack of belonging makes a pigeon-hole in your heart, dark chocolate kulfi can work wonders. If arid faces have struggle written all over them then remind yourself of one thing – dust never settles here.

Weather God is crazy. Come summer and the city shimmers with no trace of repentance. It remains a hot oven even well past midnight.

Shed off the foreigner’s finicky look and spare a thought on how far the city has come. Formula One roads, progressive metro rail, swanky malls and 7 branded shops in 100 mts radius tell you how the city has hugged comfort and convenience.

While NSD and Indian Habitat Centre give a strong kick to get your intellect working, CP’s dazzling arcades and ‘Pebble stone’ lounges take care of the frolicking mood in you.

First world sleeps with Third World in Delhi. The maid from Kanhaiya Nagar gets a cozy corner in plush Rohini bungalow and the amateur helper from Okhla manages square meal at NFC’s expensive condominium.

Delhi can be a versatile crook or a jilted lover, you either get used to his ways or you don’t.


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