Hide & Seek Shall See No End

Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai, chirodin keno pai na / Keno megh ashey hridoyo akashey tomare dekhite dey na” (Seldom do I get to see you, not ever after/ clouds envelop my heart’s sky shrouding you thereafter)

Rabindranath Tagore’s impeccable words acted as a Muse and after a long hiatus, poetry responded to my calls 🙂

Hide and Seek shall see no end

Hide and seek shall see no end
The Hidden is not Sought
And the Sought is Hidden

Passing days, rolling night
Chosen delight not in sight.
Months rumble, years growl
Age is set free to prowl

Moon sentimental, Sun less agile
Ideas don’t crowd mind’s aisle.
Aspirations similar, so is defeat
Victory rides jalopy, Grace has cold feet

Yet we resound, yet we rejoice
We look ahead with Roman poise.
Retreating is lovely; lovelier is Resurgence
Life, as it appears – a penny well-spent

Hide and Seek shall see no end

PS: Tried to do justice to English translation. For brickbats / bouquets please leave a comment.


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