At Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

Joined the Jaipur Literature Festival when it was half way through. These are some witticisms and criticisms I gathered:


“You are a terrorist and I am a freedom fighter. You are a fundamentalist and I am a believer” : Timothy Garton Ash

“We only have two parties in the US because we can only have two opinions” : Reza Aslan

“Let’s not behave like Mamata Banerjee who has problem for every solution”: Suhel Seth on need for robust food & energy security policy

“China, being a clever country, sources iron ore from India and preserves its own resources”: Shoma Chaudhury

“British have particular talent of not learning lessons from war”: William Dalrymple

“Essence of Tantra is that it happens in present. You can’t dry today’s clothes in yesterday’s sun.”

“It takes higher level of courage not to resist at all” : Sohrabjee on Gandhi

“Gandhi draws his lesson of Ahimsa and nonviolence from Bhagwad Gita, which is a text about necessity to go into war” : Ananya Vajpeyi

A writer translates silence, the silence that is not to be put across; the silence that’s hidden: Tahar Ben Jelloun

A writer lives in exile everywhere: Tahar Ben Jelloun

Kamasutra is not about impossible postures. It is about building up the mood and not friction” : Pavan Verma

“I have forgotten more than I have seen, but I haven’t forgotten enough”:  Jeet Thayal

“Raag Durbari was created by Tansen. Please save its sanctity”: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s father had ardently requested Dr Rajendra Prasad

“Gujarat is India’s answer to China in both good and bad ways” : Ruchir Sharma

“India has hard infrastructure deficit and China has soft infrastructure deficit. It’s hard to overcome the latter”: Ruchir Sharma


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