Sometimes, An Umbrella Is All You Need

People on the road stare at me when I do a Raj Kapoor with my new found umbrella. My brolly is solemn black with a passion red strip bordering its circumference. As an onlooker you see me treating it offhandedly, but what I do is I just keep my umbrella up and awake by putting its feet on the ground with a plod sound and shaking its entire body up so that it remains service-ready. You never know when the sky can turn grey and ungracious.

The other day I was standing in front of McDonald’s. Its giant glass door caught my attention and the next second I was staring at my partly drenched figure and the slightly overworked umbrella clinging on to my side pocket. In the middle of the rigmarole, I was staring at a scene taken straight from the Bollywood script (Hollywood would have been far-fetched) – a guy waiting earnestly for his partner on a rainy day to take her around. Imagination, you see. It can attack you even in the least convenient time.


I carry this portable roof with me not because it triggers my imagination, but it also gives me silent company when I walk alone. You know how it feels to have someone by your side, and especially when that someone reminds a bereaved son of his father and his animated walk holding it as a prop.

At the end of the day, I hang it on the top edge of the shoe rack. Safely.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes, An Umbrella Is All You Need

  1. Lovely.
    The ‘portable roof’ part was smart….but the most touching was the last line.
    Eventually, everything close to us has had some deeper connect and feelings which either remind us of a close someone or make us nostalgic about some old days or emotions faded in the mundane chores of life. And then, this inanimate object helps to bridge the gap…..
    Very nicely written.

  2. Very nicely portrayed the relationship with an umbrella…. its a subject dat most of us share… we all have some connections or our special memories with this ” portable roof ”
    Nice one.

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