Platinum Day of Love: A Chance Meeting With Desire

You don’t need the entire day to feel loved or to bask in the embrace of romantic eulogies. A well stolen evening by the seaside with the wind unsettling our frozen moments… a setting of that sort is long etched in my mind. Since there is much pleasure in randomness, my dream day of love would be an unscheduled coming together and melting of two hearts.

I picture my day of love beginning after a chance meeting with someone who is ceaselessly charismatic and takes up quite a huge space of my sophomore heart.  The very sight of her and her very presence create certain inexplicable longing. It is one such moment when I fumble to move beyond the regular weather talks and the pauses come loaded with meanings. In between the short pauses, Abida Parveen plays the perfect sorceress and deep inside I listen to her magical rendition, “Tere Ishq Nachaya, Karke Thaiya Thaiya.”

Sitting next to each other and watching the sun go orange to scarlet, we exchange glances and giggles. Her poise and poetry come back to me as gift not unwrapped for long. I wish the evening can prolong its stay and allow us the privilege of unpretentious outpouring. Walking along the boulevards of memories, we pick up anecdotes. Her platinum ring touches me as our hands get locked like the daffodils’ embrace. It was like taking the known route, which was less travelled.

As the twilight arrives, her elegance became even more striking. The white metal on her slender ears and the touch of platinum leaves on her finger make her even more irresistible. Don Williams and his words crowd my mind, “She was the most beautiful thing that cowboy had ever seen; sent down straight from heaven.”

It was me who gives her a glance now and then and the twilight makes way for the ebony moments. We find ourselves well-guarded by togetherness. Few light years pass in a jiffy as I sit observing my girl with her ‘sentimental ornament’ on. While I silently admire the white tint of her graceful countenance and the spotless purity of her platinum accessories, the waves in front of us roar on by breaking on to the shore in an endless exercise.

 I look forward to such a Platinum Day of Love.


2 thoughts on “Platinum Day of Love: A Chance Meeting With Desire

  1. i agree entire day is not needed to feel loved 🙂 the precious moments that we get itself are more than platinum. all the best for contest

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