Anguish As Seen From Tagore’s Eyes

What never ceases to stimulate me is the way Tagore has always sprinkled profundity in his verses. He takes you through difficult terrains and wants you to give that effort to walk with him on the same road.

One of his songs struck me today and I thought it would be unmerited to leave my thoughts go unscripted. I would like to quote a couplet from the song that overwhelmed me at the first hearing.

Aaro bedona, aaro bedona/ prabhu daao morey aaro chetona”  (“More anguish, more anguish / O Lord grant me more sentience”)

Tagore himself was pain’s favourite child. His frequent rendezvous with mental agony is known to the world.  In fact, most of his creations emerged out of the chasms of irreparable distress and the above couplet vindicates this truth.

He pleads before his master to test him with more pain and torment him even further. In the same breath, he prays his Lord to fill him with consciousness. With consciousness comes the maturity to create.

Isn’t this one of the most inspiring messages one can expect to receive in centuries to come? Those who are dogged by life’s prejudice and its ruthlessness, these words of Tagore come as a nor’wester that sweeps away the discomfort of a muggy summer afternoon.

This thought of his actually changes our perspective towards pain and misery. Instead of looking at them as speed-breakers in our lives, we can think of them as the necessary therapy that purges us of our frailty and makes us too strong to retreat.


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