If Audrey Hepburn Had Tasted Social Shopping With Baggout

It was her first tryst with Indian summer and Audrey Hepburn was ready to go oriental. Won’t I look resplendent in traditional Indian look? She thought. Having a waltz with the seething heat called for some sensible buying and she regretted her decision not to carry flannel trousers or the polka dotted dresses she had worn during her last trip to Mediterranean. One of her confidantes suggested a couple of online retail stores, but who has all the time in the world to spend hours browsing through different sites? Can’t I have a single window to all the fashion stores in India? 

Yes. She can have the best of all the virtual stores under one platform. Baggout was the answer popped up by the shopping enthusiasts, when she floated the question on one of the social networking sites.  The rest was nothing less than a gratifying experience. What excited her was the ease with which she could get access to best of the two worlds. From fitted pants to spaghetti tops and anarkali suit to linen kurta, her shopping could go on and on.

A 10-minute encounter with Baggout made her realize that she won’t miss out on anything worthy.

Hepburn was in a mood to experiment, the way she does whenever she is in Broadway or Piccadilly. She was ready to keep her ballet slippers aside and gift herself a pair of comfortable yet classy footwear. Clicking on the shoes section was like a cakewalk for her. With so many brands competing to get her attention, she wished she could get at least a dozen of them.  She felt as if she was virtually visiting every reputed store, trying every product and coming out with a fine catch.

She couldn’t have been happier. To add to her elation she discovered that she was eligible to get discount coupons on the listed products and make use of the cashback option on majority of the products she had added to her wish list.

While trawling the products section it struck her that she has lost her favorite wide-brimmed hat and compromising on that was never an option. Her wish turned out to be Baggout’s command. Umpteen numbers of brands showed up for her to choose from.

 Just when she thought she can call it an end, it chanced upon her that she is without sunglasses.  She doubted whether she would get something similar to what she wore during the shooting of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Baggout not only proved her wrong but also dished out a diverse collection of shades. As she navigated through those exclusive designer wears, one should have seen the sparkle in her eyes.

Although she was a newbie, her debut in online shopping was perfect. It wasn’t long before Baggout became her habit.  It pampered her and she was made to feel like the Queen of all she surveyed. More than the short sojourn to India, it’s the discovery of this ecommerce platform that did add a versatile touch to every style statement this beautiful diva made.


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