Does it not bother you?

Are we losing the art of having patience?

It wears thin too fast and argument dies an early death

We have less time to “stand and stare” and more to slam and scare.

Is it still a virtue to delve deep?

There’s so much to listen, but we choose to look the other way

While half-truths and heedlessness create jaundiced notions,

Our attacks grow imitative, criticism too acerbic.

Is perseverance no more in vogue?

Mythology has it that persevering Bhageerath brought Ganga to the earth

Dashrath Majhi could carve a path through a hill, all alone.

Can’t we invoke due diligence and finish the steeplechase graciously?

Is it too difficult to realise the rewards of optimism?

Every challenge is now seen as conspiracy, every difficulty an act of hostility

Why can’t we admit our indolence and put up with the rain?

Take off your cloak of cynicism and enjoy the rainbow dear

Has anger been enshrined as a potent survival strategy?

A small scar on cars makes us froth at the mouth

And we are often at each other’s throat to prove a point.

How long can we look back in anger and not reflect before reacting?

Do we ignore the call of forgiveness?

I see a grumpier and crankier generation unable to unburden the past

An ugly spat or a sentimental tussle gnawing at their hearts.

Forgiveness shows the road to future; don’t go astray and for too long.


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